by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 9:02 AM on 7·9·2012

Good Morning Gang out there in the Ozone Nation!!!! A Billion Dollars?! That can only mean TWO things….Dr. Evil wants his ransom….or Vincent Damon Furnier…aka Alice Cooper. What a solid band Alice had on this record! He has always surrounded himself with solid musicians, that’s for sure. Does anyone out there have the ORIGINAL Billion Dollar Babies on vinyl? That’s when album covers were awesome. Double/fold out cover….awesome poster…and the original album cover was textured to feel like snakeskin. How cool is that? I bet the record company (warner bros.) had a fit producing the album cover. How much extra do you think that cost?! Alice is totally worth it. Keep up the random acts of kindness fellow Ozone Nation Disciples! Together we can have a nation that simply gets along. Sounds simple enough….right? So implement your kindness today…..on anyone. Please have a great week, and keep on rockin’ inda free world! See ya next week…..same space station….same time. THANKS TO EVERYONE IN THE OZONE NATION!!!!!!!

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