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Gmornin’ Gang!!! Thanks for tuning in to the only local radio station that matters….>WHRW< FM…Keepin’ it lit since 1966. I hope everyone enjoyed today’s selections….either via the FM dial….or onda intranet…..I hear the intranet is big!!!! I guess all the kids are using it!!!!! It looks like I gotta show Monday mornings…..7:00-8:30!!!!! MANY MANY Thanks to Ray here at WHRW....The Program Director. Thanks for all the really great calls today…..and every day from the most awesome nation inda world….The Mighty Ozone Nation!!!!!....thnx for letting me know whats going on around this fine planet affectionately known as “The 3rd Rock From The Sun” Please tune in Monday mornings at 7AM…...right here….at WHRW FM. Thank You!!!! Ozone In The AM

Mornin’ Gang!!! over an hour and a half of LOCAL music today on the only LOCAL radio station that matters…..dats right!!!! WHRW FM. Local bands I played today….Huetensil, Deveroe, Krooked Knuckles, Mobday, Ambient Death, Graces Ghost, Ire Clad, Innate Days. the Push Rods, Reaper, Danny Castro, Recycled Zombies. Wreckless Marci, Human Powered Aggression, and OCD. Thanks a ton for tuning in!!!!! The Ozone Nation has some of the coolest people on the 3rd rock from the sun!!!!

G’mornin gang! Day after shout out to ALL of the great Dads out there in The Ozone Nation!!! Cut Dad some slack y’all y’all! lol Today’s tasty vinyl selections are from Steely Dan….back when they still had Skunk Baxter…those dang musicians simply cannot get along….One of the best ever… my humble opinion song writing teams…..ever….Walter Becker Donald Fagen. Masterpieces I tellya! Sit back and relax while Ozone in the AM gets you started, and ready for your week. Thanks a TON for tuning in to WHRW FM.


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