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Greetings fellow Zoners….and thanks a ton for tuning in to WHRW..Today my partner in crime Brian and I will be taking a hard left(?) musically and making an attempt to expand our musical horizons…lol Today was our 3rd annual…but 4th actual Jaco show. I hope a few people enjoyed our broadcast….You cant beat Jaco in my humble opinion. Check out our set list: All selections feature Jaco on Bass, so if a different artist is noted, Jaco is the “guest” Bass player on the record. My humble thanks and gratitude to Brian for having the kindness to share his AMAZING Jaco music collection. Thanks for tuning in gang!!

Donna Lee Self Titled

C’mon C’over Self Titled

4 AM Herbie Hancock off Mr. Hands

Vashkar w Methany,Ditmas,Bley

Ballye De Nina Ira Sullivan

Portrait of Salha Rosa I. Sullivan

Wrong Is Wright Methany, Moses

Coyote Joni Mitchell

Warrior Brian Meliun

Madagascar Weather Report

3 Views of A Secret WR

Port Of Entry WR

Fast City WR

Brown Street WR

Las Olas Flora Purim

Accidental Meeting A. Mangelsdorff

Apathy ’83 Ian Hunter

Brown Eyes Jimmy Cliff

Olde Hats Randy Bernsen

Swingthing RB

Wind Song RB

Califoric RB

Invitation Jaco Curtain Call

BE SURE TO TUNE IN TODAY.....from 4PM-7PM…..January 17th…..TODAY! Uncle Pete will be giving a tip 'o the hat to traditional 20s, 30s, and 40s Jazz! Uncle Pete always does can’t miss shows! Please tune in to WHRW today from 4-7PM!!!! thank u! Zoner

Hey Gang!! Cz3eb is a little under the weather this week so I’m gonna keep the chair warm until King Bee gets here at 1600….with an excellent show….I’m Taking a hard right music wise today…..99% of today’s music is from 1969. Czeb was 25 in 1969…now hes 29. I hope everyone enjoys the show….except Czeb….I hope I totally screwed up his show. vThanks for tuning in gang!!! Tune in Monday….John from 7-8AM….then our annual Jaco Pastorius show…..8-11 AM…..ALL JACO. Please tune in. Zoner

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