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G’mornin’ gang!!! Hope everyone is well…I ate enough ham yesterday to oink! not cool. Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday and maybe got a chance to catch up w some family members. Let’s make a pact….to enjoy the simple things in life….shall we? Plz join me. Stay humble gang….and I’ll see you right here…..same time….same space station….right here at the ONLY LOCAL radio station that MATTERS. Next Moonday morn at WHRW FM BinghamPton so YA!!! Have a great day….and a better week!!!! THANK YOU!!!

G’mornin’ gang!!!! I just want to send a shout out and MAD MAD Javon…and EVERYONE in our Heritage dept!!!! Thank u for letting Popboy905 and myself spin a slot on your Heritage marathon. I HAD A BLAST!!!! Ive listened to the Heritage Marathon FOR YEARS....I actually got to participate in the Heritage Marathon this yr!!!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks to everyone at WHRW....but especially Javon….Heritage Department Director!!!! Awesome Job Javon!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Now get back to work! hahahhahah Have a great day gang!!! The Zoner

G’mornin’ Gang!!! Lemmy and David Bowie….gone….May God rest their souls in peace….Try to take it a little easier on the other side…..OK Lemmy??? lol Found out first thing this AM that we Lost Mr. Bowie….Soooooooooooo an Hour and 50 minutes of Lemmy….in ALL versions of Motorhead!!!!! Mr. Bowie taking us down the line to finish things up…..I may do a “better tribute show” next week for David Bowie…..PLEASE tune in next week either way. Ill work on posting my playlist later today when I get back from Syracuse….STAY WARM!!!! As always thank u very much for tuning in to the ONLY LOCAL radio station that matters…...WHRW FM BinghamPton….Keepin’ It Lit Since 1966!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!

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