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The Rolling Stones
Dancin’ w Mr. D.
100 Years Ago
Comin’ Down Again
Dio Doo Doo… (Heartbreaker)
Silver Train
Hide Your Love
Can You Hear The Music
NO I DIDN’T PLAY “Star Star”...if you know the song you know why I DIDN’T PLAY it
In between the sides I played a SWEET 45 RPM EP we have here I STUMBLED on “Harlem Shuffle” sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
I continued on my Stones vinyl LP path
Before They Make Me Run-Some Girls
Hang Fire-Tatoo You
Happy-Made In The Shade
Rip This Joint-Exile On Main Street
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking-Sticky Fingers…The Original Version 7:14 Ya
Dance Little Sister-Made In The Shade

When I’m Gone-3 Doors Down-#1
Sarah Yellin’3 Doors Down#1
Live Wire-Crue-Compilation
Shout At The Devil-Crue-Comp
Wild Side-Crue-Comp
The Mystical Head Potato Groove Thing-Satch-Blue Dream
One Big Rush-Satch-Blue Dream
The Bells of Lal Pts 1&2-Satch-Blue Dream
Flavor Crystal 7-Satch-Bonus Track
Borg Sex-Satch-Bonus Track

Many, many, many thanks to Roy Blumenfeld….u may have heard of a little band w/ Al Kooper called “The Blues Project”!!! Roy was telling us about when The Blues Project was the house band down in Greenwich Village…back in the day!!! His stories were not only AMAZING, but also his stories…..right up to the current date….were also fascinating. Wow…..whatta memory he has!!!! I can’t remember what I put in my coffee this morning…...and he was talking about the ’60s…..right up to yesterday. Simply fascinating interview. I gotta get all of my awesome WHRW interviews posted somewhere. Thanks again to Roy….and CHECK OUT his newest project….The Aguilar Blumenfeld Project…..googleize n wikipedialize the new band!!!! Thanks to everyone in The Ozone Nation!!!! #WHRWinterview #RoyBlumenfeld #TheAguilarBlumenfeldProject #ThankYouOzoneNation!!!!

Sam and I are winding down the Summer semester 2017 at WHRW FM binghamPton…
I featured some Woodstock tunes to start your week off…
Soul Sacrifice-Santana
Dance to The Music…Medley-Sly and the Family Stone
We’re not Gonna Take It-The Who
Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze-Jimi
I’m Comin’ Home-10 Years After
Jam Back At The Haze-Jimi Then I played a few tracks off the new Aguilar-Blumenfeld Project! I’ll be doing an interview w Roy Blumenfeld next Monday…here at WHRW!!!
I played tracks 1 and 2 off their brand new CD…Swamp Mamba…and Heard It On The X…..More to come…plz tune in next week to hear a chat w this DRUMMING LEGEND!!!!

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