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MUCHO grassy ass to Andy Attanasio…Bass player for The Slim Kings Band!!!! He was kind enough to call in to my show this morning for a 1/2 hour interview….and actually sent me a new track off their brand new unreleased upcoming LP!!!! The tune is called Greed and you heard the WORLD PREMIERE of their tune…only at WHRW BinghamPton!!! Talk about making me humble! What a fascinating interview w Andy…not to mention what a phenominal Bass player he is! OMG Andy….and the Slim Kings band are incredible!! If you get a chance to catch The Slim Kings live….do it!! They are wicked live Im tellin’ ya!!! Thanks again to Andy…and The Slim Kings band for everything….The Slim Kings for sending me their unreleased brand new tune, and of course to Andy for calling in to my little ole show! I am so humble and thankful!!! Thanks to everyone who called in today as well. I am sooooooo thankful to be an ACTIVE member of the WHRW community! Thanks again to everyone! Plz enjoy the day!!! See ya next week right here @ WHRW The Zoner Monday 7-10 AM

I played Records….which emit cancer causing fumes….yummy!!! I also played CDs….no fumes….and some MP3s….also no fumes. Thanks a TON for alla the great calls. Maybe one day I’ll be a cornputer geek and do the official playlist deal. Plz dont hold ur breath on dat. I can’t ever get ahold of my kids! Everything I’ve learned about cornputers I’ve learned from my rugrats. Thanks A TON for tunin’ in….and alla the great calls. The Ozone Nation is growing exponentially….daily. Thank you!!!

G’mornin’ Gang!! Happy Memorial Day to you all. May God Rest In Peace….to ALL Veterans, past present and future. Lets not ever forget those who gave their lives, so we can enjoy our daily liberties that are some times taken for granted. Don’t ever take you civil liberties for granted….EVER!!! I’m plying a healthy heapin’ dose of RATM...One of the most politically devoted bands I could think of on this most sacred of days….Memorial Day 2016. Zoner OUT....c ya next Monday!!!

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