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NOBODY comes rippin’ outta the gates Moonday morning like Ozone in the AM here at WHRW BinghamPton….since like a really long time ago! DOH Today I’m paying a little tribute (FINALLY) to Greg Lake from the POWER TRIO that was Emerson, Lake and, Palmer. Talk about your premiere power/PROG/trio…I’m just sayin’!!!! We will extensively check out Brain Salad Surgery…..thnx for ALL of the great fone calls already today!!! I didn’t realize what a huge ELP faction we have here locally!!!! NOICE. We can and will explore many many more ELP toons….on vinyl of course….in the upcoming months!! As always THANK U for choosing to start your week right here w Ozone in the AM at WHRW BinghamPton. Plz enjoy the day gang!!!! Ill be back and better than ever next Monday morning at WHRW BinghamPton. Thanks a TON for tuning in…...keep it locked!!!

Hey Gang! I hope everybody is well this FINE Monday morning? Ya. Do like I do…..get highly caffeinated BEFORE u go out your door. My wife has a sweet coffee mug that sez….“I drink coffee for your protection” True story gang!! hahahah nobody comes rippin’ outta the gates Monday mornings like Ozone In The AM…....ONLY @ WHRW FM Binghampton!! Thnx a TON for tunin’ in…..KEEP IT LOCKED to the only local radio station that MATTERS!!!

Hey gang! Thanks a TON to all of the folks that tuned in today….thnx for all of the great phone calls too! Special thanks and SHOUT OUT to MOBDAY....local HIGH ENERGY band who came in for an over an hour interview today….Jordan..Guitar and Vox, Ryen..Lead vox…and Ty…HARD hittin drummer! I am humble to have the guys from MOBDAY in house to chat with little old me. Thanks to ALL local musicians…..for doing what they do….make music…and entertain us. Support Local music gang!!!! MOBDAY....this Saturday at the downtown quarterback….for their final show. It’s gonna go DOWN!!!! Be there or be madddddd square! The Ozone nation is growing exponentially….daily….c’mon along for the ride. The more the merrier!!!! Zoner

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