malt politics

by Ruchi from Bath Malts at 12:25 AM on 3·5·2013

grizzly bear – sleeping ute
vivian girls – i heard you say
devendra banhart – shabop shalom
pavement – 5 – 4 = unity
jeff buckley – so real

silver jews – pet politics
sonic youth – kissability
the strokes – the modern age
weezer – across the sea
blitzen trapper – wild mtn. jam
blitzen trapper – hot tip/tough cub
dinosaur jr. – see it on your side

belle & sebastian – roller coaster ride
asobi seksu – glacially
justin timberlake – until the end of time

apprentice robert frosty:
the who – young man blues
george harrison – what is life
patti smith – helpless (neil young cover)
eight miles high – the byrds

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