it's a rainy day sunshine girl

by Ruchi from Bath Malts at 11:30 PM on 4·15·2013

It’s a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl – Faust
It’s a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl (Cover) – Pavement
Welcome to the Working Week – Elvis Costello
Miracle Man – Elvis Costello
Left of the Dial – The Replacements

Whale Song – Modest Mouse
Stop Breathing – Pavement
I’ll Come Running – Brian Eno
Jocko Homo – Devo

Till I Die – Beach Boys
Candle – Sonic Youth
Lake Somerset – Deerhunter
No Destruction – Foxygen
For Emma – Bon Iver

It’s Summertime – The Flaming Lips
Lucky – Radiohead
Cactus – Pixies
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears For Fears
Little Fury Things – Dinosaur Jr.
Werewolf – Coco Rosie

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