Playlist for July 23, 2014

by Doctor B. from Bartlemania at 1:08 PM on 7·29·2014

h2 Please note – I won’t be on the air on July 30, 2014. I should be back on the air next Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

Passport with Larry Coryell
My Father’s Place
Roslyn, Long Island, NY
26-May-1979 (excerpt)

David Laflamme Interview

It’s A Beautiful Day (Unless otherwise noted):

Don & Dewey – Marrying Maiden (Columbia)
Anytime – Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime (Columbia)
Time Is – It’s A Beautiful Day (Columbia)
David La Flamme – Hot Summer Day – White Bird (Amherst)

White Bird/Hoedown – unreleased recording, San Francisco, 1970

Love – Love Is Better Than Words or Better Late than Never – Out Here (Blue Thumb)
Steve Tibbetts – How Do You Like My Buddha? – Steve Tibbetts (Frammis Ent.)

Jeff Beck – Rice Pudding – Beck-Ola (Epic)
The Brecker Brothers – Some Skunk Funk – Heavy Metal Be-Bop (Arista)

Brand X – Sun In The Night – Moroccan Roll (Passport)

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