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Passport with Larry Coryell
My Father’s Place
Roslyn, Long Island, NY
26-May-1979 (excerpt)

David Laflamme Interview

It’s A Beautiful Day (Unless otherwise noted):

Don & Dewey – Marrying Maiden (Columbia)
Anytime – Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime (Columbia)
Time Is – It’s A Beautiful Day (Columbia)
David La Flamme – Hot Summer Day – White Bird (Amherst)

White Bird/Hoedown – unreleased recording, San Francisco, 1970

Love – Love Is Better Than Words or Better Late than Never – Out Here (Blue Thumb)
Steve Tibbetts – How Do You Like My Buddha? – Steve Tibbetts (Frammis Ent.)

Jeff Beck – Rice Pudding – Beck-Ola (Epic)
The Brecker Brothers – Some Skunk Funk – Heavy Metal Be-Bop (Arista)

Brand X – Sun In The Night – Moroccan Roll (Passport)

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October 27, 1977

Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – Night of Fear (Move) – Hunger (Castle Face)
The Front Bottoms – Lipstick-Covered Magnet – Rose EP (Bar None)
Woman’s Hour – In Stillness We Remain – Conversations (Secretly Canadian)

Richie Furay Interview

Buffalo Springfield (unless otherwise noted):

Sit Down, I Think I Love You – Buffalo Springfield (Atco)
Neil Young (with Buffalo Springfield) – For What It’s Worth/Mr. Soul/Rock & Roll Woman – Journey Through The Past (Reprise)
Nowadays, Clancy Can’t Even Sing – Buffalo Springfield (Atco)

Hung Upside Down – Buffalo Springfield Again (Atco)
The Hour Of Not Quite Rain – Last Time Around (Atco)
Everydays – Buffalo Springfield Again (Atco)
Merry-Go-Round – Last Time Around (Atco)
Bluebird (uncut original) – unreleased track

Poco (unless otherwise noted)

Anyway, Bye Bye – Poco (Epic)
A Good Feelin’ To Know – A Good Feelin’ To Know (Epic)
Pickin’ Up The Pieces – Pickin’ Up The Pieces (Epic)

Richie Furay Band – Don’t Tread On Me – Hand In Hand

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November 10, 1978
Old Waldorf
San Francisco, CA

Funkadelic – Mommy, What’s A Funkadelic? – Funkadelic (Westbound)
Royksopp – Happy Up Here – Junior (Astralwerks)
Parliament – My Automobile – Rhenium (HDH)

Bongwater – You Don’t Love Me Yet – Peel Sessions (Dutch East)
The Fugs – When The Mode of the Music Changes – It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest! (Reprise)
Killing Joke – Madness – What’s This For? (Malicious Damage)
New Order – Blue Monday – Substance 1987 (Qwest)

Negativland –

Drink It Up – Dispepsi (
The Answer Is – Points (
Christianity Is Stupid – Escape From Noise (
I Believe It’s L – Dispepsi (

Mark Stewart – As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts to Fade – 12-inch (Mute)
Mark Stewart – William Burroughs – Myths, Instructions (Sub Rosa)
Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us – Travel Edition 1990-2005 (Sub Pop)
Money Mark – Insects Are All Around Us – Mark’s Keyboard Repair (MoWax)
DJ Shadow – The Number Song – Endtroducing (deluxe ed.) (Island)
DJ Food – The Riff – Kaleidoscope (Ninja Tune)
The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist – Since I Left You (Sire)

Brian Eno –

The Fat Lady of Limbourg – Taking Tiger Mtn. By Strategy (EG)
One Word (w/John Cale) – Wrong Way Up (Opal)

In The Backroom (w/John Cale) – Wrong Way Up (Opal)

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