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01:00:00 4:43 Mr. Giant Man James Last Voodoo Party Polydor
01:05:00 2:25 Cold Rain & Snow Grateful Dead Grateful Dead WB
01:08:00 7:45 High In A Flat Bevis Frond Gathering of Fronds

01:16:00 43:20 Interview Pat Boone not on album no label

02:00:00 2:16 Love Letters In The Sand Pat Boone Single Dot
02:03:00 2:20 Don’t Forbid Me Pat Boone single Dot
02:06:00 2:34 With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair single Dot
02:09:00 2:11 Sugar Moon Pat Boone single Dot
02:12:00 2:37 Goodbye Charlie Pat Boone Goodbye Charlie sndtrk Dot
02:15:00 2:34 Speedy Gonzales Pat Boone single Dot

02:18:00 3:03 Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag Pat Boone We Are Family The Gold Label
02:21:00 2:58 Cow Cow Boogie Pat Boone Pat Boone Sings A Tribute to the Ink Spots The Gold Label
02:24:00 3:01 Christmas Pat Boone single The Gold Label
02:27:00 2:59 An Old-Fashioned Xmas Pat Boone The True Spirit of Christmas The Gold Label
02:30:00 5:08 You’re In The Will Pat Boone Legacy Select-O-Hits

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Just wrapped up an interview with 1950s pop icon (more popular than Elvis at one point!) Pat Boone.

He’s been a movie/TV actor (he was on Rod Serling’s Night Gallery), sold thousands of hit records, and performed at the White House for several U.S. presidents. He has also been a TV emcee. His mid-60s TV program presented among other now-household-names, Richard Pryor, William Shatner and an up-and-coming band from England called Pink Floyd.

My interview airs tomorrow on my program, which begins at 1PM EST and runs to 2:30 PM (interview will probably air at 1:15 or 1:20). We’ll hear Pat talk about his storied career, and hear cuts from the mid-50s when he was signed to Dot Records, to his latest album, Legacy.

My first show in 3 weeks! (Missed one show due to illness, one to Thanksgiving; hope your Thanksgiving wasn’t a turkey!)

If my playlist looks a little weird, it’s because it’s music-reporting time again, and my playlist has to conform to a certain format. Things will be back to normal in a little while!

01:00:00 04:05 Mr. Giant Man James Last Voodoo Party Polydor
01:05:00 12:17 Return of the Son Of Monster Magnet Frank Zappa Freak Out
01:18:00 17:46 Big Swifty Frank Zappa Waka Jawaka
01:37:00 15:32 I Thought It Was You Herbie Hancock (1978) The Complete Columbia Album Collection Columbia
01:53:00 12:18 Starless King Crimson Red Discipline Global Mobile
02:08:00 07:14 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking? The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Rolling Stones Recs
02:15:00 14:31 No Hidden Path Neil Young Chrome Dreams II Reprise

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