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From the vinyl vaults and the digital dumping grounds! Music you didn't know you liked until you heard it!


GONG (Unless otherwise noted):

General Flash of the United Hallucinations – Greasy Truckers (Greasy Truckers)

The Soft Machine – Love Makes Sweet Music – Triple Echo (Harvest)
IAO Chant & Master Builder/Sprinkling Of Clouds – Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong (Tapioca)

Daevid Allen – ...And His Adventures In The Land of Flip/I’m a Bowl – Bananamoon (Caroline)

Daevid Allen – The Death Of Rock -The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances (Shanghai)

The Isle Of Everything/You Never Blow Your Trip Forever – Gong You (Virgin)

Taliesin/Inside Your Head/You Can’t Kill Me – Live, Bataclan ’73 (Mantra)
Squeezing Sponges Over Policemans’ Heads/Fohat Digs Holes In Space – Camembert Electrique

Mystic Sister, Magick Brother – Magick Brother (Affinity)
Opium For The People – Floating Anarchy 1977 (Virgin)

Blues For Findlay – Continental Circus Sndtrk (Philips)
New York Gong – Hours Gone – About Time (Charly)
I Am My Own Lover – The History and the Mystery (2-CD version) (NMC)

Dashiel Hedayat & Gong – Eh, Mushroom, Will You Mush My Room? – Obsolete (Shandar)
Gilli Smyth – OK, Man, This Is Your World – Mother (Charly)
Nongod Will Not Go On – Gong N’Existe Pas (Charly)

Daevid Allen – Why – Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life (Tapioca)

Flying Teapot – Live At Sheffield ’74 (Mantra)

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Frank Zappa – Lumpy Gravy, Part 2 – Lumpy Gravy (

Eric Ross – Legend of Orpheus, Op. 61 (excerpt) – Music From The Future (
Marc Barecca – Fractured Bronze – Subterrane (

Tangerine Dream (unless otherwise noted):

Journey Through A Burning Brain – Electronic Meditation (Relativity) (1970)
Mysterious Semblance At The Strand of Nightmares – Phaedra (Virgin) (1974)

Atem – Atem (Castle) (1973)

Fly And Collision of Comas Sola – Alpha Centauri (Sanctuary) (1971)

Paris, December 13th, 1974 (Reims Cathedral) – Part 1 (vintage FM broadcast)

Stratosfear – Stratosfear (Virgin) (1976)

Due to technical difficulties, there will be no podcast this week. Tune in next week!

Electric Golem – live at Jungle Science Gallery
Binghamton, NY Sep 5, 2014

Eric Ross – Senora De Matasinhos – Music From The Future (

Grateful Dead – (That’s It For) The Other One/New Potato Caboose – Two From The Vault (Grateful Dead Records)

Rock Scully Interview, April 2012

Danny Speer – UDTS (You, Daytime TV Star) – Where were You When The Fun Began? (Faceplant)

The JB’s – The Grunt – These Are The JB’s (Now-Again)

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