by Aunt Rita from Aunt Rita's Thursday Special at 11:20 AM on 11·14·2013

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1- The Flaming Lips
Me, Myself and I- Beyonce
I Should Live in Salt- The National
Overbiter- Say Anything
Northshore- Tegan and Sara ***, Your Honor- Regina Spektor
Fake Empire- The National
Alligator- Tegan and Sara
Do You Realize??- The Flaming Lips
I’ve Got Your Number, Son- She & Him
Countdown- Beyonce
Dustland Fairytale- The Killers
Crosseyed and Painless- Talking Heads
Now I’m All Messed Up- Tegan and Sara
Human- The Killers
Brand New Shoes- She & Him
Monday Monday Monday- Tegan and Sara
Cash Cab- Speedy Ortiz
The Socialites- Dirty Projectors
What Do You Want Me To Say?- The Dismemberment Plan
KC Accidental- Broken Social Scene
Swing Lo Magellan- Dirty Projectors

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