We Apologize for the Interruption...

by Murdock from Another Wild Bus Ride at 11:25 AM on 8·26·2013

Brush your teeth. I’ll leave it at that.

Today’s playlist, delightfully format-free:

Beach Boys – Match Point Of Our Love
Joy Division – Disorder
Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady
Joy Division – Decades [from Still]
Joy Division – Ceremony [from Still]
New Order – Blue Monday

Aesop Rock – No Regrets
Eric B & Rakim – Eric B is President
Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings
moses – Dads in the 90s
Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

Eagles of Death Metal – Solid Gold
Interpol – Rest My Chemistry
Beach Boys – Match Point Of Our Love [come on, so appropriate]
Ween – Bananas and Blow [likewise]

Of Montreal – Disconnect the Dots
Dirty Mac – Yer Blues
Flying Burrito Brothers – Hippie Boy

Psychic TV – I. C. Water
Jean Jackets – Does It Look Like I Live In NYC?
New Order – Ceremony [March 1981 FAC 33 without Gillian Gilbert]
Elliott Smith – Waltz #2 (XO)
Modest Mouse – Broke [which broke]
Joy Division – Ceremony [Graveyard Studios, Prestwich]

Olivia Tremor Control – Today I Lost A Tooth
Olivia Tremor Control – I Have Been Floated
Circulatory System – Outside Blasts

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