Summer Begins Setlist

by Murdock from Another Wild Bus Ride at 10:43 AM on 6·24·2013

It’s summer now in Binghamton and don’t let that mild June fool you — it’s boiling out there. And they say Binghamton’s too cold…

Anyway, this isn’t my finest flawless masterpiece of a broadcast, but I never promised you that; I promised you a wild bus ride, and today the driver’s a little disorganized, but the music’s what matters.

Click the link on “I Should Have Known Better” to read the analysis I was talking about, from “Alan W. Pollack’s Notes On… Series”, a brilliant must-read for any Beatlemaniac or even any fan of contemporary popular music.

10:00 AM     
1 Richard Lainhart   “Cities of Light” (1980)
2 John Lennon   “Imagine”
3 John Lennon   “Love”
4 John Lennon   “Woman” (Stripped Down)
5 John Lennon   “Watching the Wheels” (Stripped Down)
11:00 AM    
6 if madrid  “The Love Song” 
7 if madrid  “Seeing All My Friends Die”
8 Joy Division  “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
9 Aaron Freeman  “A Man Alone”
10 The Beatles  I Should Have Known Better
11 Aaron Freeman  “The Beautiful Strangers”
12 UGK  “How Long Can It Last?” (feat. Charlie Wilson)
13 George Harrison   “Hear Me Lord” 
14 Aaron Freeman “The Lovers”
15 Brian Wilson “I’ll Bet He’s Nice” (Demo)
16 The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” (played backwards!)
17 Circulatory System    “Joy”
12:00 PM
18 Steven Page “Manchild”
19 The Beach Boys “I’ll Bet He’s Nice”
20 Brian Wilson “I’ll Bet He’s Nice” (Demo excerpt)
21 Mister Lies “False Astronomy”
22 =moses= Dads in the 90s
23 Flying Burrito Brothers “Christine’s Tune”
24 Eagles of Death Metal     “Solid Gold”
25 Flying Burrito Brothers  “Hot Burrito #2”
26 The Beatles “Sexy Sadie”
27 Flying Burrito Brothers “Do Right Woman”
28 The Beatles “I Want To Tell You”
29 The Beatles “Got To Get You Into My Life”
30 New Riders of the Purple Sage    “All I Ever Wanted”
31 John Lennon and Yoko Ono     “Watching the Wheels” (Stripped Down)
32 The Jean Jackets “Angel In The Snow” (Elliott Smith cover)
33 The Jean Jackets “The Penny Hymnal”
34 if madrid “Michio”

RIP Pimp C, RIP John, RIP Gram, RIP Sneaky Pete, RIP Marmaduke, RIP Carl and Dennis, and RIP Richard.

Also, Textile markup sucks.

POST-SHOW UPDATE: No wonder I’m having a jumbled day. I just got a migraine.

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