by Kim from Afternoon Tea at 3:57 PM on 2·19·2014

Beach House- Walk in the park
Walkmen- Juveniles
Father John Misty- Nancy from now on
St. Vincent- Chloe in the afternoon
Weezer- Tired of sex
Arcade Fire- Here comes the night time
Sam Smith- Nirvana
Elvis Costello- Pump it up
Talking Heads- Once in a life time
Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr- Simple Girl
Simon and Garfunkel- Old Friends
Baker- Bike ride
Angel Olsen- Lights out
The Smiths- The boy with the thorn in his side
Wolf Parade- Little Golden Age
Talking heads- Burning down the house
Cat Power- Cherokee
Dent May- Born too late
Kurt Vile- Jesus Fever
Sugar Ray- Every morning
Pink Floyd- Wish you were here

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