Quick! Before It's Irrelevant!

by Alana Watts from Illuminatus at 7:32 AM on 7·14·2011

It has been four days since Radio Ga Ga. Ya still care, doncha, Pa? I thought it nice to post my set. Alas, I played 5 hours worth the music and Mama’s hands are too tired to type a list so long.

Trust me, it was [insert the word you substitute for cool.]

Thankfully, my apprentice is not too tired! Without further ado…

Chris’ Set List:
“This Is How You Lose Yourself” – Zarni
“Heaven” – k.d. lang & the Siss Boom Bang
“Wildflower” – Rachael Sage
“Rio’s Home” – SONiA
“Love Disease” – Michael Burks
“Uncle Tom’s Dead” – Guy (and Martial) Davis
“Woodie Woodie” – Big Bill Broonzy
“Whiskey and Good Time Blues” – Big Bill Broonzy
“Buzzard on the Gut Wagon” – Baby Gramps
“Bean Bag Chair” – Greg Klyma
“Click Clack” – Captain Beefheart
“Neighbourhood” – Space
“Kent the Zen Master” – Hypnotic Clambake

I will try not to play any of these songs while I’m on air: Cracked: 5 Radio Classics That Actually Sucked

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