Season 3 in general

by Soma from Blizzard of Awesome at 6:28 PM on 5·13·2013

We haven’t really done the posting the show thing in a while, but to give you guys a rough idea:

Rev. Craig played a lot of great country music
Soma played a lot of random stuff and mostly gave up his set to Moe’s March Madness with Peter the Intern
Apprentice Foo Manchu learned the skills of being a DJ

We had many debates, including N’Sync vs. Backstreet Boys. Soma lost most of them…

Foo Manchu has grown and hopefully past his test which will be tomorrow.

The Blizzard rating for the season was in fact Blizzard

Thank you everyone for listening and tune in Wednesday May 15th for the Series Finale of the Blizzard of Awesome!

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