Ninth Airing

by Brown Stallion from The Airing of Grievances at 12:37 PM on 5·8·2012

1. Best Coast- Last Year [New]
2. Best Coast- My Life [New]
3. Best Coast- No One Like You [New]
4. Moonface- Lay Your Cheek On Down [New]
5. Macabees- Grew Up At Midnight [New]
6. Passion Pit- Make Light
7. Dandy Warhols- Sad Vacation [New]
8. Schubert- Death and the Maiden
9. Robert Wyatt- Free Will and Testament [New]
10. John Maus- Streetlight
11. John Maus- Quantum Leap
12. Deerhunter- Octet
13. Animal Collective- In the Flowers
14. LCD Soundystem- Yeah (Pretentious Version)
15. Weezer- Only In Dreams
16. Vampire Weekend- Giving Up the Gun
17. The Smiths- Reel Around the Fountain
18. The Walkmen- Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is gone
19. Danananananakyroyd- Pink Sabbath
20. Lemonade- Lifted (Remix)

The Final Grievance?

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