What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

by Trout from The 75 Year Plan at 1:04 PM on 10·19·2013

Neil Young’s Harvest (1972)
Out On The Weekend
A Man Needs A Maid
Heart of Gold
Are You Ready For The Country?
Old Man
There’s A World
The Needle And The Damage done
Words (Between The Lines Of Age)

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween by Matthew Gray Gubler (2010)
Zombie Zoo by Tom Petty (Full Moon Fever 1989)
My Body’s a Zombie for You by Dead Man’s Bones (Dead Man’s Bones 2009)
Little Ghost by The White Stripes (Get Behind Me Satan 2005)
Ghosting by Freelance Whales (Weathervanes 2009)

Halloween by the Misfits (Legacy of Brutality 1985)
Viva la Persistence by Kimya Dawson (Hidden Vagenda 2004)
Static Age by the Misfits (Static Age 1997)
Let’s Get the Baby High by Dead Milkmen (Not Richard, But Dick 1993)
Human by L7 (Slap Happy 1999)

Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus (Bela Lugosi’s Dead 1979)
Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe recited by Matthew Gray Gubler

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