Below, you can find the current programming schedule in effect for this semester. However, sometimes shows are pre-empted or temporarily covered by other DJs, and in these cases what would normally occupy that time slot will be noted.

  Sunday 4/26/2015 Monday 4/27/2015 Tuesday 4/28/2015 Wednesday 4/29/2015 Thursday 4/30/2015 Friday 5/1/2015 Saturday 5/2/2015
01:00 AM with Anthony B
Please send promos and guest mix requests to
with DJ SmoothFazz
A tired and slightly delusional wave of late night ...
with Doc Mordechi
Astronauts report it feels good.
Genres: Blues, Classic rock and heavy metal, Punk
with Sarah & Eric
with DJ Wavvy
rad stuff
Genres: 90s alternative, Alternative, Indie rock, Pop punk
with DJ Airwaves (aka Joey)
1 hour of loud rock music, and one hour ...
Genres: Alternative, Pop, Punk, Rock
with Dj Dank
90% metal, 100% weird
03:00 AM with Joe
with DJ Reminisce
classic rock and heavy metal
Genres: Classic rock and heavy metal
with Robot Overlord
with Jacob
with DJ Joe B
Great music and stimulating conversation!
Genres: All that good good, Seinfeld, Whatever i feel like
with DJ U'nique
Bangin' R&B and Hip Hop from the past, present, ...
05:00 AM with DJ Roe
Genres: Electrofunk, Electronic, Folk, Indie, Pop, Progressive rock, Rock
with DJ Mar
with Southern Comfort
with Robot Overlord
06:00 AM with Robot Overlord
07:00 AM with Jeff Bagg
Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Metal Rock, emphasis onda ROCK
Genres: Rock
with djg
with Madame Psychosis
Brew yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy some ...
Genres: Alternative, Ambient, Punk
with Chicken Nuggets
it's goblin spelled backwards
with Robot Overlord
with Fahrenheit
ya yo yaa yoo
08:30 AM
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with DJ Dino
Genres: Alternative, Everything, Indie, Metal, Oldies, Pop, Rock
with Hexagon
Just a six sided polygon trying to make it ...
with G-Rex
Jon Mayor Nikelback Smash month Aron Carter Houtie and ...
with DJ Shosty
All the best middle school blues, classical music, and ...
Genres: Classic rock, Classical, Hardcore, Punk, Screamo
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
09:30 AM with Minister Kit White
A program of the divine, inspirational words and music ...
Genres: Black gospel, Christian music, Sacred music, Sermonette
10:00 AM with DanTheManFromHooverDam, Uncle Sam, Count D. Money
We play a little bit of everything. Guaranteed to ...
Genres: 90s, All that good good, Progressive, Rap, Rock
with Connor
with DJ Teaspoon, DJ Inchworm, Mark
Listen in for your weekly dose of carefully curated ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Indie, Indie pop
with Silly-Oh
It pains me to say this, but I may ...
with Bloom
Keeping it Fresh
Genres: Alt and blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Radiohead
with Twitch the Intern
Randomly selected music to make you wag more, bark ...
Genres: Oldies, Pop, Punk
11:30 AM with melissa
Is it alright, if we feel good?
Genres: Alternative, Ambient, Folk, Shoegaze
with Anvil
a variety pack of essential sounds that your ears ...
Genres: Electronic, Rap, Rock
with Blane and Will
Blane and Will play music that we enjoy. We ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Country, Folk, Heritage, Rock, Rock country
with DJ Pink & DJ Floyd
Music your dad listens to and your mom hates.
Genres: Alternative, Classic rock, Grunge, Indie, Loud rock, Pop punk
with The Rock and Trout
There is no land but the land.
with Mark and Adam
Mark plays Radiohead, Adam plays DJ Fergie Ferg. We're ...
Genres: Neo lofi punk, Post alt surf revival
12:00 PM with Robot Overlord
01:00 PM with Lil Lil
with Drex and Veronique
Music brought to you by some cool kids.
Genres: Stuff
with Devy Harry
Anything and everything from the Bee Gees to Hole
with Doctor B.
From the vinyl vaults and the digital dumping grounds! ...
Genres: 20hz to 20khz, Ambient, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Rock, Space
with DJ Ostrich and DJ Oyster
Genres: Classical, Electronic, Indie, Jazz, Pop, Rock
with Bone Daddy
Daily dose of bonin'
Genres: Acapella, Africa, Avant garde, Baroque, Beastiality, Bubblegum, Doom gloom death pop, Drum and bass, Genres are for sissies, Genteel, Gucci mane, Opera, Polka, Sacred music, Shoegaze, Trip hop, Wizard rock
with Noa
02:30 PM with t3h933k and Marvin
A show for the middle of the end of ...
with Dre
Things I like to listen to
Genres: Dolphin sounds, Seinfeld
with Paola Bear
an abundance of saucy sounds for your tuesdays
with VI GUY
Everything Reggae and island like for your enjoyment
Genres: Calypso, Dancehall, Reggae, Soca
with czeb
Genres: Ecclectic mish mash
with Boy Rorge and DJ Elmo
Out of the past, from a strange and distant ...
Genres: Alternative hip hop, Loud rock
with DJ Brad and DJ Brad
Genres: Funk
04:00 PM with DJ Spectrum & Archer
A smorgasbord of sound that spans throughout history.
Genres: Many
with Austin
with Connor Daniel, Phil Hazen, Corey Ray, and Bobby Black
with Kane Sauchuk and Ian Anderson
with Aaron Miner and Kevin Mesquita
We are a humor / politics / pop culture ...
Genres: Current events, Humor, Politics, Pop culture
with Anthony Sileo and Maureen
Cinema students from Binghamton University discussing new releases, entertainment ...
Genres: Cinema, Entertainment, Film, Movies
with DJ Jethro et al
04:30 PM with Carole and Giovanni
with Deirdre Sullivan and Hannah Pollick
with Alexander Ching and Eleazar Weissman
with Alex Baer, Connor Daniel, Ray Futia, Rory Carroll and Ravi Prakriya
We're talking about animals and stuff!
05:00 PM with Lory Martinez
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Lory Martinez
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Lory Martinez
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Lory Martinez
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Lory Martinez
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
05:30 PM with KMAC & Manilow w/ Fishy Business
Binghamton's favorite miniature horse
with Ray Futia, Alex Turo, and Meg Lenhardt
In-depth discussion of current biology, focusing on recent publications ...
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with Jeremy Vela and Robert Juarbe
with Jake Weiss
The Sports Report has been a staple on WHRW ...
with DJ FyuuR
a skateboarder plays music.
Genres: Electronic, Indie rock, Pop punk
06:00 PM with James Ferrick and Susan Lee
with Joseph Catanzaro and Justing Chernow
Host Steve Grill and crew will keep you current ...
Genres: Sports
with Odeya Pinkus and Comedian Friends
06:30 PM with Rachel Freedman
The Religious Panel with Rachel Freedman will host an ...
with Latin American Student Union and Melissa Rodriguez
LASU hopes to educate students, the faculty, and the ...
with Jacob Shamsian and Mandy Boltax
07:00 PM with Lord Nikon
with Queen C and deb
with Chris Kocher
A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment ...
Genres: Alternative rock, Blues, Britpop, Folk, Folk rock, Indie rock, Rock, World
with Landshark
The sleaziest in blues, rock, and blues-rock.
with Queen Persephone and DJ Mothra
Two kool kats rockin the radio waves.
with Doc Sonic and Alana Watts
Audio research and re-combination since 1897.
with Bombero
The longest running Latin music radio show in the ...
Genres: Bachata, Bomba, Latin jazz, Merengue, Plena, Salsa
08:30 PM with DJ Stone
A mixture of the various styles of music the ...
Genres: World
with The Brown Stallion and Ray Foosh
Ride into the drink
Genres: Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock
with Isabella
Playing the unexpected--we promise it's not all poison! Tuesdays ...
Genres: Alternative rock, Baroque pop, Folk, Folk rock, Indie rock, Psychedelic folk, Stoner rock
with Giant Stephs
with DJ Vaseline
Genres: Death metal, Folk metal, Groove metal, Heavy metal, Industrial metal, Power metal, Thrash metal
with DJ Koons
8:30pm to 10pm tune in to hear my jams.
Genres: Classic rock, Folk, Garage rock, Indie pop, Indie rock
10:00 PM with Montag
Indie, rock, awkward babbling.
with TeaLegs and KADYROV
Kadyrov and TeaLegs team up to bring you the ...
Genres: Ambient, Deep house, Idm, Shallow house, Space, Techno
with Chris Played by Charles Berman
Where we get mad, and you get trivial!
with the Dubstep Hippie
Listen to a splendiferous blend of electro, chillstep, trap, ...
Genres: Chillwave, Classic rock, Dubstep, Electro
with Robot Overlord
with DJ Vanilla Ice and The Piano Man
Genres: 90s throwback, Country, Folk, Oldies, Pop, Rock
with Alex Fiato
A custom blend of vintage blues, jazz and standards ...
Genres: Blues, Jazz, Rock
11:30 PM with DJ Silent Swagg
with DJ Kool G
perfect for all of those times that you're pregaming ...
Genres: Blues, Electronic, Gucci mane, Hip hop, Indie, Neo soul, Punk, Rnb
with Chris Played by Charles Berman
All original radio theatre, interviews with interesting people, live ...
with Jazz
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Country, Movie soundtracks, Pop, Rap
with Dr. Nelson W. Thrillington
The Maladroit Renaissance specializes in Alternative Rock, but also ...
Genres: Alternative rock, And whatever else fits, Classic rock, Oldies
with Philhazen
Where do i want to live in the future? ...
Genres: 80s, Afrorock, Alternative rock, Art rock, Folk, Puppy dog noises
with Queen Boudicca
Genres: And everything else, Too, What i want
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