Below, you can find the current programming schedule in effect for this semester.

However, sometimes shows are pre-empted or temporarily covered by other DJs, and in these cases what would normally occupy that time slot will be noted.

  Sunday 12/10/2017 Monday 12/11/2017 Tuesday 12/12/2017 Wednesday 12/13/2017 Thursday 12/14/2017 Friday 12/15/2017 Saturday 12/16/2017
01:00 AM
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with Robot Overlord
You like music, right? That's good, so do I.
with Doc Mordechi
Astronauts report it feels good.
Genres: Blues, Classic rock and heavy metal, Punk
with Ahab
Extreme Metal
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
03:00 AM with DJ Will F
A dope show with dope music and a dope ...
Genres: Alternative, Blues, Pop, Punk, Rock
classic rock and heavy metal
Genres: Classic rock and heavy metal
with Robot Overlord
Colorful array of genres. Bringing live DJing to the ...
with Pink
Playing B-sides from famous albums, lost classics, and many ...
Genres: Vinyl
05:00 AM with Philhazen
Where do i want to live in the future? ...
Genres: 80s, Afrorock, Alternative rock, Art rock, Folk, Puppy dog noises
with Cleanville Tziabatz
When the students are away, Cleanville Tziabatz abjures and ...
Genres: 80s, 90s indie, Diy rock, Punk, Rockabilly
with Jacob
06:30 AM with Bullet Bill
Louie's broken computer sounds and Billy's somewhat normal music. ...
Genres: Space
07:00 AM with DJ OZONE INDA AM
Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Metal Rock, emphasis onda ROCK
Genres: Rock
with Doctor B.
From the vinyl vaults and the digital dumping grounds! ...
Genres: 20hz to 20khz, Ambient, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Rock, Space
with me_chelle
Mellow out with some alt/indie jams for the emotionally ...
with A Loader Named Gridley
Home of your favorite Rock 'n' Roll, Metal, Classic ...
08:00 AM with Josh Strongin
Just some damn good music in the morning
Genres: Blues, Classic rock and heavy metal, Hard rock, Loud rock, Stuff, We play what we like
08:30 AM with DJ GA
A good soundtrack to a bad movie
with Robot Overlord
with Robot Overlord
The most iconic music by the most legendary artists ...
with DJ Fishy Business and DJ Emmy B
Just two Srat girls playing good music and talking ...
09:30 AM with Minister Kit White
A program of the divine, inspirational words and music ...
Genres: Black gospel, Christian music, Sacred music, Sermonette
10:00 AM with DJ Quinoa
Anything and everything
with Ben Dudden
A journey through the decades with a focus on ...
with DJ Honey
a girl with a name sharing some music with ...
Genres: 80s, 90s alternative, Alternative, Folk
with Long Island Iced D and DJ Businessman
We got that music, baby.
11:30 AM with Princess Manatee and DJ KOJO
overly sincere young adults who care too much about ...
Genres: Alternative, Dreampop, Emo, Pop punk, Sad bandcamp bedroom recordings, Shoegaze, Twee, Vgm
with Count D. Money and DanTheManFromHooverDam
Dan². If you don't like it, you probably just ...
with Robot Overlord
All genres of music, but always tasteless.
with DJ Bacon
Your weekly dose of fine audio arts. From Wagner ...
12:00 PM with The Apprenti
The new wave of WHRW DJs come to get ...
01:00 PM with DJ Chris
A variety of music genres played in hopes to ...
with DJ OhJay
A variety of tasty jams, bangers, and whatever I ...
with Boaz
An eclectic mix of house and other rotating genres. ...
with DJ Lockpick & DJ Tasty
"It tastes like... cheesecake... sensational." -Future
with Fahrenheit
ya yo yaa yoo
02:30 PM with Robot Overlord
We've got a variety of rock & pop! We ...
with Jay Zephyr
Melting pot of various genres, with jazz at its ...
Genres: Alternative rock, Electronic, Funk, Jazz fusion, Latin jazz, New orleans, Pop rock, Progressive rock
with DJ June
I play GOID Music. Emphasis on christian inspirational and ...
with PunkRockCar and Charfunkel
Extra Cheezy
with czeb
Genres: Ecclectic mish mash
04:00 PM with Ashmida Das and Rachel Weisbrot
Saving the world one song at a time.
with DJ GA
We will have guests on to discuss books we've ...
with Ed Aaron
with Shivam Patel & Andrew O'Kula
A sports talk show covering mostly football and hockey ...
with Gabe Osterhout
04:30 PM with Jay Zephyr
with Newt Clark-Jones
with Luke Kusick & Sam Sarsalari
with Sidney Slon & Brendan Marry
05:00 PM with Julia Carmel
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Julia Carmel
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Julia Carmel
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
with Julia Carmel
The Evening Review brings you quality radio news broadcasts ...
05:30 PM with DJ Chronicle and DJ Mitz
with Matt Urrutia and Christian Beitzel
The Binghamton students test and try everything so that ...
with Rob Delany
with Carolyn Singer
We are a humor/politics/pop culture talk show. Where conflicting ...
Genres: Current events, Humor, Politics, Pop culture
with Latin American Student Union
LASU hopes to educate students, the faculty, and the ...
06:00 PM with Nate Oliver
The Sports Report has been a staple on WHRW ...
with Pat McAuliffe
with Sam Sarsalari
A show to provide the community a venue for ...
with Georgia Westbrook, Noah Bressner & Jillian Forstadt
06:30 PM with Robert Polin
The Religious Panel with Robert Polin will host an ...
with Tykeem Banini & Nathan Budashewitz
with Chris Kocher
A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment ...
Genres: Alternative rock, Blues, Britpop, Folk, Folk rock, Indie rock, Rock, World
with Max Clair and Jibreel Cooper
A weekly review of poetry and prose brought to ...
Genres: Poetry, Prose, Public affairs, Talk
07:00 PM with DJ Red Scare
Reading old diary entries over the air and it ...
with DJ Riz
the name says it all
Genres: Alternative rock, Folk, Indie, Punk
with DJ Antek, DJ WingIt, and DJ Sheik
We play literally everything
Genres: Alternative rock, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Indie rock
with Madness and Catastrophe
Madness and Catastrophe ensue when two college students try ...
07:30 PM with Robot Overlord
Feel good music without a genre restriction, to make ...
08:30 PM with Barracuda and Kindergarten Kids
with DJ Kevin Brown and His Hechtyness
Good vibes (No affiliation with CNBC or New Brunswick, ...
with DJ Enni
Christian pop/rock and worship music and interviews with local ...
Genres: Christian music
with Robot Overlord
WHRW wives who have been married too long, and ...
with Uri
Genres: Folk, Punk
10:00 PM with DJ Ambrosia DJ Blacksmith
Hip-hop history bumping beats and breaking these fools off ...
Genres: Hip hip, Jazz, Neo soul, Soul
with sharma
all the dance music.
Genres: Dance, Funky, Grime, House, Techno
with Chris Played by Charles Berman
Where we get mad, and you get trivial!
with DJ A-Dog and DJ Grime
with Drea & Dr. Worm
Two millennials who just want to go to the ...
Genres: Alternative, And the occasional showtune, Carly rae jepsen, Metal, Metalcore, Pop punk, Punk, Rock
11:30 PM with DJ Atticus
Playing music that is as necessary for surviving in ...
with Robot Overlord
Like George Clinton and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator ...
with Twitch the Intern
Music to make you wag more, bark less...
Genres: Oldies, Pop, Punk
Punk, Hardcore, Garage, Ska, Rockabilly, Local, and Everything Good!
with Popboy905
Your mom and dad's indie, punk, metal show.
Genres: Afrobeat, Dub, Funky, Hardcore punk and related, Indie rock, Metal, Pop, Punk
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