Below, you can find the current programming schedule in effect for this semester.

However, sometimes shows are pre-empted or temporarily covered by other DJs, and in these cases what would normally occupy that time slot will be noted.

  Sunday 5/1/2016 Monday 5/2/2016 Tuesday 5/3/2016 Wednesday 5/4/2016 Thursday 5/5/2016 Friday 5/6/2016 Saturday 5/7/2016
01:00 AM with DJ Joe B
Great music and stimulating conversation!
Genres: All that good good, Seinfeld, Whatever i feel like
with Icarus and DJ Ruby
We've been stranded in the station, left here to ...
Genres: All the music
with Doc Mordechi
Astronauts report it feels good.
Genres: Blues, Classic rock and heavy metal, Punk
with Jay Zephyr
Genres: Alternative rock, Electronic, Funk, Jazz fusion, Latin jazz, New orleans, Pop rock, Progressive rock
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with Robot Overlord
with DJ U'nique
Bangin' R&B, Hip Hop and Deep Soulful House music ...
03:00 AM with Popboy905
Your mom and dad's indie, punk, metal show.
Genres: Afrobeat, Dub, Funky, Hardcore punk and related, Indie rock, Metal, Pop, Punk
with DJ Silent Swagg
classic rock and heavy metal
Genres: Classic rock and heavy metal
with DJ DK
From the Beatles to Death, the Garage is dedicated ...
Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal
with Jacob
with DJ Tanner
We talk some poetry, play some early morning muses
Genres: Spacey, World
05:00 AM with Evil Emperor Zurg
with WHRW Robot Overlord
Music we've algorithmically determined you'll enjoy.
with DJ GA
"I just want a little bit of everything nananana"- ...
Genres: 80s, Country, Pop
with DJ Tyguy
Why are you awake right now
with DJ VI
All of the great Caribbean music from reggae, calypso ...
07:00 AM with DJ Tasty and DJ Wheels
A boy and his compatriot, Abir (A Beer), begin ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock
Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Metal Rock, emphasis onda ROCK
Genres: Rock
with Doctor B.
From the vinyl vaults and the digital dumping grounds! ...
Genres: 20hz to 20khz, Ambient, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Rock, Space
with DJ Fishy Business and DJ Emmy B
Just two Srat girls playing good music and talking ...
with Frost
Hello, all ye beautiful denizens of the fresh morning ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, And whatever else fits, Classic rock, Folk rock, Funk, Jam bands, Reggae, Singer songwriter, Soul
with DJ DJ Purple Starfish
Listen to some (generally) chill music and my ramblings ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Ambient, Electronic, Post rock
with The King Bee
08:30 AM with Mamut
Starting of your Sundays with some dank beats. Just ...
with DJ John and DJ Yoko
(9 stomping noises) It's Me...I'm Alive...(9 stomping noises)
Genres: Classical, Electronic, Indie, Jazz, Pop, Rock
with DJ Dino
Genres: Alternative, Everything, Indie, Metal, Oldies, Pop, Rock
with DJ sugar and DJ spice
groovy tunes in the morning
with Twitch the Intern
Music to make you wag more, bark less...
Genres: Oldies, Pop, Punk
with Brendan & DJ Cinderblock
Go back to the Jurassic Era for some good ...
Genres: Alternative rock, And everything else, Classic rock, Dolphin sounds, Free format, Indie, Musical theatre, Occasional polka, Pop
with ron drumm
everything that fits - eclectic variety of music from ...
Genres: All genres
09:30 AM with Minister Kit White
A program of the divine, inspirational words and music ...
Genres: Black gospel, Christian music, Sacred music, Sermonette
10:00 AM with DJ Wavvy
rad stuff
Genres: 90s alternative, Alternative, Indie rock, Pop punk
with Vinyl Ritchie & DJ C-Beam
this is a thing that happens sometimes
with Southern Comfort
Indie and Alternative. Clean and simple. Come and listen ...
Genres: All that good good, Alternative, Folk, Indie, Vaporwave
with djg
it's a Clash song
Genres: Anything good, Classic rock, Metal, Punk
with DJ Bub
Genres: Classic rock, Folk, Garage rock, Indie pop, Indie rock
with Shawn Fleming
with Shawn Fleming
11:30 AM with DJ Riz
cool jams you don't wanna miss
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Electronic, Folk, New wave
with Fahrenheit
ya yo yaa yoo
with Madame Psychosis
Brew yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy some ...
Genres: Alternative, Ambient, Punk
with DJ Don't Panic
A satisfying blend of alt-rock, blues, classic rock, and ...
with Silly-Oh
It pains me to say this, but I may ...
with Trout
Your favorite songs,the songs you haven't heard in forever, ...
Genres: New wave, Pop muzik, Post punk
12:00 PM with Robot Overlord
01:00 PM with Paola Bear
an abundance of saucy sounds for your sundays
Genres: Sauce
with Madness and Catastrophe
with Blane and Will
Blane and Will play music that we enjoy. We ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Country, Folk, Heritage, Rock, Rock country
with Dj Dank
72% EDM, 23% metal, 100% weird
with DJ Pegasus
Melodic house and chiptune with classic rock, Irish rock ...
with Bone Daddy
Daily dose of bonin'
Genres: Acapella, Africa, Avant garde, Baroque, Beastiality, Bubblegum, Doom gloom death pop, Drum and bass, Genres are for sissies, Genteel, Gucci mane, Opera, Polka, Sacred music, Shoegaze, Trip hop, Wizard rock
with DJ Brad and DJ Brad
Genres: Funk
02:30 PM with DJ's No Name and Harrison Ford
with Giant Stephs
with Chicken Nuggets
it's goblin spelled backwards
with The Piano Man
"Live from New York" is made up of various ...
Genres: Blues, Country, Pop, Rock
Genres: Electronic, Japanese jazz
with Bloom
Keeping it Fresh
Genres: Alt and blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Radiohead
with DJ Garvey
DJ Garvey and DJ Kramer bring you back to ...
04:00 PM with DJ Spectrum & Archer
We don't get it either.
Genres: Many
with Ben Moosher and Jeremy Bernstein
Boston's Colin Sullivan and Billy Costigan from "The Departed" ...
with Patrick Hao and Sam Catalano
A pop culture show that runs on the idea ...
with Jeremy Vela and Robert Juarbe
with Austin
with Odeya Pinkus and Comedian Friends
with czeb
Genres: Ecclectic mish mash
04:30 PM with Deirdre Sullivan and Hannah Pollick
with Arielle Albert and Daniel Muller
with Lotfi Zekraoui
Language and Life is a great opportunity to share ...
with Public Affairs
with James
05:00 PM with Amber Bryce
Bringing you the biggest news stories of the day ...
with Amber Bryce
Bringing you the biggest news stories of the day ...
with Amber Bryce
Bringing you the biggest news stories of the day ...
with Amber Bryce
Bringing you the biggest news stories of the day ...
with Amber Bryce
Bringing you the biggest news stories of the day ...
05:30 PM with DanTheManFromHooverDam, Uncle Sam, Count D. Money
We play a little bit of everything. Guaranteed to ...
Genres: 90s, All that good good, Progressive, Rap, Rock
with Public Affairs
with Sam Sarsalari
A show to provide the community a venue for ...
with Aaron Miner and Kevin Mesquita
We are a humor / politics / pop culture ...
Genres: Current events, Humor, Politics, Pop culture
with Joseph Catanzaro and Justing Chernow
Host Steve Grill and crew will keep you current ...
Genres: Sports
with Isabella Castiglioni
A show about my obsession for all things tea ...
with Jeff Bagg
06:00 PM with Public Affairs
with Rachel Freedman
The Religious Panel with Rachel Freedman will host an ...
with Frank and Nate
The Sports Report has been a staple on WHRW ...
with Gretchen Bogan and Nick Terepka
A talk show about socialism. There will be episodes ...
06:15 PM with Chris Kocher
A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment ...
Genres: Alternative rock, Blues, Britpop, Folk, Folk rock, Indie rock, Rock, World
06:30 PM with Suzy Lee
In 2009, the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition launched "Sustainable ...
with Uncle Sam
Film Discussion and analysis, both new and old movies. ...
with Latin American Student Union and Melissa Rodriguez
LASU hopes to educate students, the faculty, and the ...
with Gretchen Bogan and Rachel Levy
Poetry show featuring one poet per episode, who we ...
07:00 PM with DJ FyuuR & DJ Wuhoo & DJ Golf Dads
Not a Tumblr blog
Genres: Electronic, Indie rock, Pop punk
with DJ Roe and the Smokey Kazoo
Everyone gets one, and you can't take it with ...
with DJ Dino
Genres: Folk, Rock, World
with Dizzy Dizzy
with Earthworm and Dre
In a time before time, before any creatures we ...
Genres: Folk, Fu, Hip hip, Rap, Stoner rock
with DJ Logamotion
Music for people who have 2 thumbs and 2 ...
Genres: Alternative, Electronic, Hip hop, Indie pop, Indie rock
with Bombero
The longest running Latin music radio show in the ...
Genres: Bachata, Bomba, Latin jazz, Merengue, Plena, Salsa
08:30 PM with DJ Lottie, DJ Beret, DJ PunkRockCar
3 gals bringing you the tunes of your dreams.
with D.J. Tanner
approved by cher
with DJ Teaspoon
DJs Teaspoon and Inchworm rock the house with some ...
with Barracuda
Genres: 90s alternative, Alternative and indie rock, Alternative pop, Chill, Obscure forms of rock, Progressive metal, Space
with Brian and Owen
with Doc Sonic and Alana Watts
Audio research and re-combination since 1897.
10:00 PM with Manilow
Each show is a new potpurri of surprise and ...
with DJ Quinoa & DJ Trisarahtops
DJ Quinoa and DJ Trisarahtops split a gnarly timeslot ...
Genres: We play what we like
with Chris Played by Charles Berman
Where we get mad, and you get trivial!
with Cosmic Fish and the Dubstep Hippie
with DJ Pink & DJ Floyd
Music your dad listens to and your mom hates.
Genres: Alternative, Classic rock, Grunge, Indie, Loud rock, Pop punk
with DJ Dizzy D
If you love music that'll make you smile tune ...
Genres: Plastic, Pop, Rock, Rubber and blues
with Dinger
11:30 PM with D.Jpg
with Sambizzle
with Chris Played by Charles Berman
All original radio theatre, interviews with interesting people, live ...
with Murdock
A reasonably well curated and tasteful selection of primarily ...
Genres: Alternative and indie rock, Blues, Electronica, Folk, Live performances, Local talent, Progressive rock, Proto punk, Rock
with Anna Colette
with rhythm_addict
My target audience likes good music but can't figure ...
with Princess Manatee
Listen to sugary pop that will fill you with ...
Genres: Absolutely anything and everythi
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