I've been a D.J. since Fall 2004. In Summer 2006, I broke the
30-year-old record of being on the air (by 2.5 hours)--I was on for
52.5 hours! I raised money for the station and donated $52. In Spring
2007, I was appointed Loud Rock Director. A year later, I became
an official board member. I am very proud of what I've done for this
radio station.

On my show, I play music ranging from Pink Floyd--my #1 band--to
Slayer, to rap, to adult contemporary, or to whatever listeners
request. Also, I play complete albums from bands. I play "6-packs"
from 6am till whenever or till noon during Winter/Summer breaks. I
play double shots, live cuts, as well as covers. I have interviewed
bands and artists as well as special guests who've shown up. I gripe
about anything and everything. Finally, I have fans around the world
who tune in via the Internet.

P.S. When the university's on Winter/Summer break, I do a 16-hour show
from 3am-7pm.

At the end of the Spring semester 2012 after 5 years of being loud rock director I stepped down as loud rock director and decided to put it back in the hands of a student, since it is a student run station.I have no regrets.It was a pleasure being on the board and doing what I could for the loud rock dept.

Finally, my on-air persona is a double entendre. Not only am I ‘mad as
a hatter,’ I’m also mad at all the everyday nonsense I see. I’ll gripe
about anything and everything. I’m so thrilled that my show has
garnered support from within the local community as well as from fans
around the world, who tune in via the Internet.

On Saturday 12/29/12 I became real sick dealing with pain for 2 days. I went to the hospital on Sunday and will miss my first show ever in just over 8 years. I feel terrible missing my show. Others have said "better to be alive, than dead" Thanks to all for your support.