WHRW is a free-format radio station that caters to locals, Binghamton college students, or anyone else in the world cool enough to listen to our stream online. Mostly, though, we just do what we like and it’s worked out well so far. We’re the only free-format radio station in the Southern Tier, and as such we do our best to keep it lit 24/7, so that whenever the need arises for quality radio programming of any kind, we, the disciples of Moe, are there to fill that void.

We’ve been broadcasting since 1966, and although we’ve had some major (and minor) location and equipment changes, WHRW has been going strong (for 50 years!), both as an on-air mega-giant of awesome, and as a presence in the local and on-campus communities. We take our music, news, and public affairs programming seriously, and we love what we do.

WHRW was built on a foundation of strong dedication to its listeners, as well as to its DJs; we're totally off kilter--in a good way. We've lived through the changing music trends, eagerly taking them as they come and throwing them all into the programming schedule. There’s no blueprint. Think of it as a construction job, courtesy of a bunch of crazy students, alumni, and community members who every year want to play music that they love and share it all with the world. WHRW will always be a free format radio station with the phone lines always open to requests and criticism – both good and bad – and a station membership prepared to improve programming every year. Even if it is our trusty automated programming which is always being updated, WHRW will always strive to be new, innovative, and just a fun source for talk, music, and real people trying to entertain themselves and the world.

This is our mission, and with Moe on our side WHRW will always keep it lit.

Peace, Love, Moe, and Paul,
WHRW Board of Directors

2014 EEO Public File Report