12:42 AM on 10·2·2015

It’s College Radio Day!

Tune in today and let some college radio in your life as we here at WHRW do what we do best! At 6 PM tonight, join us for a roundtable discussion on what college radio means to all of us. Keep it locked!

5:05 AM on 9·11·2015

WHRW presents: A Tribute to Paul J. Battaglia
Friday, September 11, 2015

Fourteen years ago, we lost one of our own on the hundredth floor of Tower One: Paul J. Battaglia, former WHRW DJ and General Manager. Paul was one-of-a-kind, quite the character; join us tonight with a memorial broadcast looking back on the life, and great radio, of this wonderful, good natured and downright charming fellow.

Peace, Love, Moe…and Paul


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The King Bee Show on 10·6·2015

Coffee and Coke on 10·6·2015


by DJ Dino from Coffee and Coke at 9:50 AM on 10·6·2015

From “Velvet Underground and Nico”- Velvet Underground
1) Sunday Morning
2) I’m Waiting for the Man
3) Femme Fatale

4) Short Skirt/Long Jacket- Cake
5) Man on the Moon- R.E.M.
6) In the Cold, Cold Night- The White Stripes

From “Haxel Princess”- Cherry Glazerr
7) Cry Baby
8) Grilled Cheese
9) Haxel Princess

Ryan’s Set: From “The Definition”- Jon Bellion
10) Run Wild
11) Jungle
12) Luxury

13) Rill Rill- Sleigh Bells
14) Heartbeat (Take It Away)- Dum Dum Girls
15) Bamboo- Hinds

16) Step- Vampire Weekend
17) Heart of Glass- Blondie
18) Substitute- The Who
19) The Seeker- The Who
20) She- Green Day
21) Sassafras Roots- Green Day
22) Sunday Morning- No Doubt

From “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”- The Beatles
23) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
24) Getting Better
25) Fixing a Hole

by MADMANMARK from Completely Deranged at 1:15 AM on 10·6·2015

Doc M not here tonight so I am on now.

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