1:45 PM on 12·1·2014

Trey Anastasio Band at The Forum Theater

Trey Anastasio is coming to Binghamton’s Forum Theatre next week and WHRW has a couple pairs of tickets to giveaway! If interested, make your way over to our Facebook page and look for the poster below to enter!

Trey Anastasio Band Giveaway Facebook Photo

Winners will be announced December 4th at 12:00 PM. For rules and regulations, please visit our Giveaways page.

6:26 PM on 10·9·2014

Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge at the Watters Theatre

Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge

The guitar duo of Julian Lage and Chris “Critter” Eldridge put on a breathtaking performance Wednesday night in Watters Theater. With dim lighting and nothing but a single microphone set up on the thrust stage, the pair played an intimate hour and a half acoustic set that had the audience on their feet cheering for more.

Lage hails from a jazz background, while Eldrige was raised on bluegrass and is a member of the acoustic bluegrass band Punch Brothers. Both influences were evident in performance, as the duo played a diverse array of songs, which Lage endearingly categorized as “Singin’ songs, fiddle types, and esoteric acoustic art songs”. The first two types had the audience tapping their toes, and a goodhearted “yeeehaww” was yelled out during one particular number, but it was the third category that really showcased the players’ virtuosity. One player would strum out some chords and keep the time, while the other would go off with fingers flying on an explosion of jazz, blues, and folk sounds. The combination was stunning, and was made even better by the silent communication between the pair. Lage and Eldridge seemed to feed off of each other’s energy, and their collective love for the music was physically palpable in the hall. The duo is currently on tour promoting their album Avalon, which was released earlier this week.

Review by Jazz Director Stephi Verhage

Posted: October 9, 2014 6:26 PM




by Doctor B. from Bartlemania at 5:54 PM on 12·19·2014

01:00:00 4:43 Mr. Giant Man James Last Voodoo Party Polydor
01:05:00 2:25 Cold Rain & Snow Grateful Dead Grateful Dead WB
01:08:00 7:45 High In A Flat Bevis Frond Gathering of Fronds

01:16:00 43:20 Interview Pat Boone not on album no label

02:00:00 2:16 Love Letters In The Sand Pat Boone Single Dot
02:03:00 2:20 Don’t Forbid Me Pat Boone single Dot
02:06:00 2:34 With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair single Dot
02:09:00 2:11 Sugar Moon Pat Boone single Dot
02:12:00 2:37 Goodbye Charlie Pat Boone Goodbye Charlie sndtrk Dot
02:15:00 2:34 Speedy Gonzales Pat Boone single Dot

02:18:00 3:03 Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag Pat Boone We Are Family The Gold Label
02:21:00 2:58 Cow Cow Boogie Pat Boone Pat Boone Sings A Tribute to the Ink Spots The Gold Label
02:24:00 3:01 Christmas Pat Boone single The Gold Label
02:27:00 2:59 An Old-Fashioned Xmas Pat Boone The True Spirit of Christmas The Gold Label
02:30:00 5:08 You’re In The Will Pat Boone Legacy Select-O-Hits

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by Dr. Nelson W. Thrillington from The Maladroit Renaissance at 2:31 PM on 12·19·2014

The songs played on this edition were:

“In The Jungle” – The Vines
“Mr. Self Destruct” – Nine Inch Nails
“Joan Of Arc” – Arcade Fire
“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – Neil Young
“Help the Aged” – Pulp

“Won’t Be Long” – The Hives
“Institutionalized” – Suicidal Tendencies
“D Is For Dangerous” – Arctic Monkeys
“It’s Late” – Queen
“Under the Sun” – Sugar Ray

“I’m Only Sleeping” – The Beatles
“Scattered” – Green Day
“Waldo Roderick DeHammersmith” – The Miracles
“Sea Of Love” – Cat Power

“Thoughts And Words” – The Byrds
“Making The Nature Scene (live)” – Sonic Youth
“February Stars” – Foo Fighters
“I Wanna Be With You” – Raspberries

FINALE: “Don’t Change” – INXS

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