6:59 PM on 5·20·2018

Interested in joining WHRW as a new DJ? Come on down to the station (Binghamton University Union, room UUB-W06, beneath the marketplace) on Monday, May 21 at 7 PM to learn how to get started! Can’t make that time? Email to learn more before June 1.

11:13 AM on 5·3·2018

We at WHRW have just learned that Kit White, long-time host of Gospel Time on Sunday mornings, has passed away. We are utterly devastated by her loss.

We will be broadcasting a show in her memory this Sunday morning, 9:30 AM to 12 PM, when Gospel Time would air. Picture of Kit


by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 9:14 PM on 9·19·2018

Great to be back on the air after a two-week absence.
No guests – just a bunch of great new music.

Nate Gross Band – “Rainy Night Blues” (Good Night for the Blues)
Sully & The Souljahs – “Best Damn Fool” (single)
Town Mountain – “One Drop in the Bottle” (New Freedom Blues)
Mark Walkup & Ross Sermons – “Stay Away from the Blues” (Looking Back at the Blues)
Kathy Mattea – “Mercy Now” (Pretty Bird)
Jim Wyly – “Nobody Lights My Heart Like You” (The Artisan)
Vanessa Peters – “Carnival Barker” (Foxhole Prayers)
Greg Hawks – “Things I Did Not Say” (I Think It’s Time)
Malcolm Holcombe – “Black Bitter Moon” (Come Hell or High Water)
John Prine – “When I Get to Heaven” (The Tree of Forgiveness)

Next week, I’ll assemble a panel of guests to preview RoberCon – Sci-Fi and Board Game Convention, which is coming up on Sept. 29-30.

by UNCLE PETE from THE UNCLE PETE SHOW at 8:36 PM on 9·19·2018

Eamones – Cretin Hop
heartbreakers – pirate love
dmz – search & destroy
little porkchop – tangled mind
johnny ramone – good rockin’ tonight
velvet underground – what goes on
devo – jocko homo
david bowie – we are hungry men
strays – problematic
johnny kidd & the pirates – please don’t touch
ray stevens – the pirate song
pete & the pirates – lost in the woods
drivin beats – ufo
novas – the crusher
relient k – the pirates who don’t do anything
meatmen – the dwarves are the second greatest band in the world
potato pirates – going nowhere
crowd – trix are for kids
wipes – if i told you
dmz – are you gonna be there
the mighty mighty squirrels – growl
vandals – pirate’s life
shadows 0 thunderbirds are go!
ramones – teenage lobotomy (live)
flying over – are you a punk
dead boys – ain’t nothin’to do
jeff dahl – french cough syrup
Link Wray – Rumble

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