5:27 PM on 10·3·2018

In memorial of Minister Rev. Kit White, who passed last May. She was the host of “Gospel Time,” on Sundays here at WHRW since the early seventies. She was a source of inspiration and guidance for all in the local and Binghamton University student community. We surely miss our “Sister Love!”

Picture of Kit

6:59 PM on 5·20·2018

Interested in joining WHRW as a new DJ? Come on down to the station (Binghamton University Union, room UUB-W06, beneath the marketplace) on Monday, May 21 at 7 PM to learn how to get started! Can’t make that time? Email to learn more before June 1.


by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:56 AM on 10·16·2018

1. The Who: I’m The Face (Thirty Years of Maximum R & B)
2. Swearin’: Big Change (Fall Into the Sun)
3. The Hello People: If I Should Sing Too Softly (Philips Demonstration Disc)
4. The Sub-mersians: Dr. Yes (Surf Monsters)
5.Mewithoutyou: Another Head For the Hydra (untitled)
6. Led Zeppelin: Going to California (untitled aka Zeppelin IV)
7. Buxton: Jan (Stay Out Late)
8. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Suffragette City (12 inch single)
9. Humble Braggers: Am I Okay (Cycle)
10. Songhoy Blues: Soubour (Best of 2015)
11. Talking Heads: Life During Wartime (Stop Making Sense)
12. Warren Haynes Band: Spanish Castle Magic (Live at the Moody Theater)
13. Fiona Boyes: New Orleans (Voodoo in the Shadows)
14. Tigers and Monkeys: Too Good to Forget (Saturday Destroyer)
15. Steely Dan: Kid Charlemagne (Best of Steely Dan)
16. HP Lovecraft: It’s About Time (Philips Demonstration Record)
17. Mothers: Pink (Render Another Ugly Method)
18. Angelique Kidjo: Once in a Lifetime (Remain in Light)
19. Shadows of Knight: Night Time (Nuggets)
20. Sleater-Kinney: Bury Our Friends (Best of 2015)
21. Dick Dale: The Eliminator (Tribal Thunder)
22. Parker Millsap: Let a Little Light In (Other Arrangements)
23. The Molochs: And She’s Sleeping Now (Flowers in the Spring)
24. The Nude Party: Water on Mars (The Nude Party)
25. Satan’s Pilgrims: Harem Nocturne (Surf Monsters)
26. Slim Cesna’s Auto Club: Shady Lane (Buried Behind the Barn)
27. Rolling Stones: Hitch Hike (Out of Our Heads)
28. Cumulus: Sing to Me (Comfort World)

by DJ Lilac from The Botanic Garden at 8:55 PM on 10·15·2018

Put You on – Amber Mark – Put You On
Beat 54 (All Good Now) – Jungle – For Ever
Places – The Blaze – DANCEHALL
Goodbye – Porches – The House
the day to day – Free Cake For Every Creature – Moving Songs
march 1st – cyberbully mom club – FOOTWEAR
Bassically – Tei Shi – Bassically
The Prawn Song-Superorganism-Superorgaism
Listen To the Love Hour Thursdays at 5:00 – 5:30 PM ;) Love ya

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