6:06 PM on 4·26·2017

This Saturday, WHRW brings back its world-renowned concert series for the 6th year running! This year, along with our usual slate of student bands, we are proud to feature Cloud Nothings as our headliners. Some of the groups that will also be performing are:

Natural Born Kissers
The Landshark Committee
Stand & Wave
The Nesbitts
Uncle Sam
Sharma and Roni

Music isn’t the only thing going on there. We will have food and games for everyone who swings by. Events will start at 3 PM on April 29 at Binghamton University’s Student Wing complex, and the event is free to attend for everyone. We hope to see you all here for our most entertaining day of the year!

9:56 PM on 3·26·2017

Sometimes here at WHRW, we realize digital technology has became a major component in how we operate. So every once in a while, we like to make things intentionally hard for ourselves. That said, Vinyl Week was born. From 1 AM on 3/27 to 1 AM on 4/3, DJs will not be able to use any sort of computer to play music, relying solely on our rather large physical media collection. What kind of hidden gems will we pull out? Tune in this week to find out.


Gospel Time! on 4·30·2017

Infinity Broadcasting on 4·30·2017

Sunday Funday on 4·30·2017


by The 256 from Bits n Bytes at 2:01 AM on 4·30·2017

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Ray Dalton

Sparkling Tides – Wisp X
Rainbow Shake – Chris Poirier
Melon Soda – Wisp X
Floating Above – Haven
Free – Axhello
Fusion – Haven

Rainbow – Andora
Paris – The Chainsmokers
Coup De Foudre – Naikee
Hazard – Scary Noise
Hypothermia – Ryzu, Noctilucent
Such Fun – Tobu

Clarity – Zedd, Foxes
Roses – The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES
Gold – Kiiara
In the Name of Love – Martin Garrix
Something Better – Audien, Lady Antebellum
Fractures – Illenium, Nevve

by popboy905 from The Dwarf Invasion at 12:56 AM on 4·30·2017

La Makita Soma – South on Western
Alias & Ehren – 52nd & West
Album Leaf – Vermillion
Mercury Program – Slightly Drifting
From Monuments to Masses – Deafing

Fly Pan Am – Sound Support Surface Noises Reaching Out to You
M83 – A Guitar and a Heart

Explosions in the Sky – Catastrophe and the Cure
The Snake Trap – Hiroshi’s Ebay Bike
Redneck Manifesto – Paint the Dikbloc Pink

Medea Connection – The Action Connection pts 1& 2
Don Caballero – For Respect
Fugazi – Arpeggiaton

Your American Math – Eldoradomega
Russian Circles – Micah

Metallica – Call of Ktulu

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