8:31 AM on 12·24·2017

After a long absence, WHRW will resume its live webcast on starting on January 1. This is not guaranteed to be a permanent return, as we will be testing some new policies that accompany it regarding the performance compliment. If it goes well, then the livestream will return permanently.

3:57 PM on 11·11·2017

Due to ongoing issues, the WHRW webstream will be down until there is a resolution.


by UNCLE PETE from THE UNCLE PETE SHOW at 2 AM on 1·18·2018

Ramones – Cretin Hop
blondie – x offender
stranglers – tank
stimulators – loud fast rules
death valley girls – arrow
dollyrots – feed me pet me
chesterfield kings – 99th floor
thee headcoates – i’m good enough
dickies – stuck in a condo with marlon brando
buzzcocks – nostalgia
muffs take a take on me
dmz – don’t jump me mother
the explosives – go insane
hollywood brats – the he kissed me
the strays – gone in the head
cabaret voltaire – nag nag nag
alan vega – magdalena 82
pandoras – ain’t got no soul
unknowns – voodoo
p.i.l. – public image
pop-o-pies – truckin’
toasters – hard man fe dead
clash – pressure drop
thee oh sees – crushed grass
riverdales – i can’t pretend
the cold sweats – trouble every day
new age urban squirrels – me & roger
peanuts montgomery – 6 daze on the road
zantees – big green car
link wray – turnpike USA
phantom surfers – beach girls and the monster
supercharger – gum flappin’ baby
dead milkmen – the great boston molasses flood
alan smithee – marijuana
the midnighters – never knew i had it so bad
mt t exp – pleasant valley sunday
sex pistols – pretty vacant
the outsiders (uk) – hit and run
ramones – everytime i eat vegetables it makes me think of you
stiv bators – the last year
eddie & the hot rods – do anything you want to do
death valley girls – shadow
the wipes – my head
dead silence – energy wasted
adverts – bored teenagers
i spit on your gravy – what’s happening
runaways – mama weer all crazy now
actress (ny dolls) – i am confronted
nazz nomad & the nightmares – (do you know) i know
fuzz – red flag
dna – not moving
thee oh sees – crack in your eye
mudhoney – into the drink
rezillos – flying saucer attack
plasmatics – mothing
d.o.a. – let’s wreck the party
muffs – weird boy next door
purple canteen – brains in my feet
echo & the bunnymen – going up
flipper – ha ha ha
beasts of bourbon – evil ruby
link wray – rumble
(post show)
trashmen – bird ’65
link wray – fuzz
peanuts wilson – cast iron arm
bo diddley – story of bo diddley
homer dennison – chickie run
curley griffin – got rockin’ on my mind
isley bros – nobody but me
ron haydock – 99 chicks

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 9:47 PM on 1·17·2018

We started the show with a tribute to Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries, who died Monday at age 46.
The Cranberries – “Salvation” (To the Faithful Departed)
The Cranberries – “Ode to My Family” (Something Else)
The Cranberries – “Dreams” (Something Else)

From there, it was a bunch of new tunes.
Mary Gauthier – “Got Your Six” (Rifles & Rosary Beads)
Mary Gauthier – “The War After the War” (Rifles & Rosary Beads)
Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth – “Someone Singing With Me” (American Folk soundtrack)
Amber Rubarth & Joe Purdy – “Townes” (American Folk soundtrack)
Ruth Hill – ”Pocketful of Chirpin’ Birds” (Reunion of Broken Pieces)
Ruth Hill – “Falling Again” (Reunion of Broken Pieces)
John Gorka – “Nazarene Guitar” (True in Time)
John Gorka – “Mennonite Girl” (True in Time)
John O’Connor – “She Calls Herself California” (Rare Songs)
After the Flood – “Mama” (After the Flood)
Eric Bannan – “Today” (You Are Welcome Here)
Chuck Williams – “Country Queen” (Stories I’ve Told)
Johnsmith – “Love This Growing Old” (Ginko)
Chris LaVancher – “Throwing Good Love After Bad” (Big Fat Love)
Steep Canyon Rangers – “Farmers and Pharaohs” (Out in the Open)
Abbie Gardner – “Empty Suit” (Wishes on a Neon Sign)
Abbie Gardner – “Bad Leaver” (Wishes on a Neon Sign)
Susan Cattaneo – “Work Hard, Love Harder” (The Hammer & The Heart)
Susan Cattaneo – “Space Oddity” (The Hammer & The Heart)
Brandi Carlisle – “Everytime I Hear That Song” (By the Way, I Forgive You)
Brandi Carlisle – “Fulton County Jane Doe” (By the Way, I Forgive You)
Chris Ronald – “Grandpa’s Wedding Ring” (Fragments)
The Mastersons – “You Could Be Wrong” (Transient Lullaby)
Greg Wickham – “Ain’t No Way to Love You” (If I Left This World)
John Reischman and the Jaybirds – “Home is Where I Long to Be” (On That Other Green Shore)
Russ Still & The Moonshiners – “Go For a Ride” (White Lightnin’)
John Oates & The Good Road Band – “Dig Back Deep” (Arkansas)
Elly Wininger – “Two Steps Forward” (Little Red Wagon)
True North – “Ratio of Angels to Demons” (Open Road, Broken Heart)
Rebekah Long – “Welcome Me Back Home” (Run Away)
Sofia Tallvik – “Clothe Yourself for the Winter” (When Winter Comes)
Kyle Carey – “Sweet Damnation” (The Art of Forgetting)
Dori Freeman – “Ern & Zorry’s Sneakin’ Bitin’ Dog” (Letters Never Read)
Hayden Kaye – “Cry Yourself to Sleep” (Fate)

Bonus track:
John Flynn with Kris Kristofferson – “The End of the Beginning” (The End of the Beginning)

Next Wednesday at 7 p.m. is the last three-hour show of the winter break. Tune in!

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