7:32 PM on 11·21·2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, normal programming at WHRW will be taking a break starting at 1 AM on Wednesday, November 23. But stay tuned, because you’ll never know what you’re gonna hear, as DJ’s will still be here during the break.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

10:01 PM on 10·5·2016

Many people have been observing the light at the end of the tunnel for this years presidential election, seeing as it started over 18 months ago. But this is far from the only race on your ballots come November 8th. Over the next few weeks, the Public Affairs department of WHRW will be airing a series of interviews with local candidates for the NYS 52nd Senate District, as well as NYS Assembly District 123. The schedule is as follows:

October 6, 5:30 PM – Sen. Fred Akshar® – Senate Incumbent
October 14, 5:30 PM – Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo [D] – Assembly Incumbent
October 20, 5:30 PM – Sharon Ball [D] – Senate Challenger
October 21, 5:30 PM – Dorollo Nixon® – Assembly Challenger

The interviews for the Assembly race are held in conjunction with Binghamton University’s Center for Civic Engagement.


Peace In Action on 11·30·2016

A Dull Hood on 11·30·2016

Philosophia Perennis on 11·30·2016


by Ferdinand Montalvo from Dimenciones at 10:02 PM on 12·3·2016


Cachi & His Salsa Jazz Ensemble
“Autumn Leaves 2013”

Cal Tjader
More Than The Mambo-Introduction to Afro-Cuban Jazz (1995):

Noro Morales
More Than The Mambo-Introduction to Afro-Cuban Jazz (1995):
“Peanut Vendor”

Joshua Redman, Lalah Hathaway, Marcus Miller
World Christmas (1996):
“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Yomo Toro
Celebremos Navidad (1996):
“La Cuesta De Josefina”

Boricua All Stars
World Christmas (1996):
“Cascabel(Jingle Bells)”

Sonora Ponceña
Merry Christmas (1991):
“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Sonora Ponceña
Navidad Criolla (1971):
“Aguinaldo Navideño”

Jose Nogueras
Boricua Dondequiera (2003):
“Boricua Dondequiera”

Jose Nogueras
Vale La Plena (1998):
“Tanta Vanidad”

Choco Orta, Lito Peña y La Orquesta Panamericana
Raices (2001):
“A los Boricuas ausentes”

La India, Los Pleneros de la 2
Raices (2001):
“Campo, Yo Vivo triste”

Andres Jimenez
Exitos Navideños (2005):
“De La Patria Mia-Aguinaldo”

Milly Quesada
En Mi Pais (2004):
“Aguinaldo merengue(A Las Arandelas) y “Alegre Vengo”

Puerto Rico Power
“Aguinaldo pa’ To’ El Año”

Victor Manuelle y Elvis Crespo
Tarjeta De Navidad Vol. II(1998):
“El Cuerpo Me Pide”

Luis Enrique y Pupi Santiago
Tarjeta De Navidad (1993):
“La Fiesta Se Pone Buena”

Cheo Feliciano
Felicidades (1973):

Danny Rivera & Sergio Vargas
Regalo de Amor Y Paz (2007):
“Jardinero de Cariño”

Los Hermanos Rosario
Bomba! (1991):
“Desde Que La Vi”

Los Toros Band
En Navidad (1994):
“Los Fines de Semana”

Johnny Ventura
Volvio La Navidad (2009):
“Motivos Navideños” v. Hector Acosta

Johnny Ventura
Parranda Navideña (1993):
“Fiesta Navideña”

Zona Roja
Con Tanto Cache (1993):
“Con tanto Cache”

Hermanos Rosario
Bomba 2000 (2001):

Conjunto Quisqueya
Tarjeta de Navidad III (2006):
“Medley Navideño Quisqueya”

Don Perignon & La Puertorriqueña
Regalo De Navidad (2012):
“A Comer Como Loco”

Jose Nogueras
Mi Mejor Regalo:
“Guineietos con Corned Beef”

Luisito Carrion
Tarjeta de Navidad III (2006):
“Yo tengo un swing”

Ismael Miranda
La Mano Maestra (2012):
“Yo Queria Verte”

Hector,Yomo, y Daniel
Feliz Navidad (1979):
“El Lechon De Cachete”

Jerry Medina
De Parranda-Alegria Navideña (1999):
“Palo a Camacho”

Sonora Ponceña
Navidad Criolla (1971):
“Merengue Navideño”

Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz
Felices Pascuas (1976):
“Bomba De Navidad”

Marc Anthony & Olga Taño
Romance Del Cumbanchero-La musica de Rafael Hernandez (1998):
“Corazon No Llores”

Lucecita Benitez
Romance Del Cumbanchero-La musica de Rafael Hernandez (1998):
“Medley De Navidad(Aguinaldo Puertorriqueño/Hossana)”

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DJ [cough]'s Set:
“Let Her Go” by Mac Demarco
“Ask” by The Smiths
“Everybody’s Talkin’” by Harry Nilsson
“Love Comes to Everyone” by George Harrison
“Peg” by Steely Dan
“I’m the Man, That Will Find You” by Connan Mockasin
“What Is and What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin
“Video Killed the Radio Star” by Ben Folds Five

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