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Aug 25-Aug 31

As we head into the last week of August here at WHRW, we’ve received quite a pile of new music this week. We’ll be telling you about much of it over the next few weeks to come. And this fall promises many more releases yet to come!

First off, you need a soundtrack as this world of ours unravels. And this new album from The New Pornographers, Brill Builders is jut the thing. Watch as “War Comes To The East Coast” here. RIYL: Spoon, Mates Of State, Neko Case.

Next up in the new bin this week is from Cymbals Eat Guitars upcoming full-length LOSE, on Barsuk Records. Check out “Warning”. RIYL: Cloud Nothings, Titus Andronicus, Fang Island

Up next, from the L.A. Beatmaker scene is MNDSGN (pronounced Mind-Sign) on the venerable Stones Throw label. A super chill blend of sampler chops. Check out the track “TXT (MSGS)”. RIYL: RIYL: Madlib, J Dilla’s beats, Yesterday’s New Quintet.

This month Bass Drum Of Death returns on the Innovative Leisure label, with a slightly more rock-over-garage, based sound. But losing none of the energy and fuzz-tone. Check out “Left For Dead” here below (warning, 1 small bad word in this song). RIYL: Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Nirvana

Half Japanese also returns this month with an amazing new album, Overjoyed. And we certainly are to bring it to you right here for you listening pleasure! RIYL: Beat Happening, Jad Fair, Superchunk

Finally, the new album from Michigan’s Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), You Will Eventually Be Forgotten. Out everywhere August 2014 through Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Topshelf Records. Check out “Foxfire” and most of the rest of the new album after the jump. RIYL: The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Merchant Ships, football etc.

Holiday weekend? Yes please!

Doc Sonic on behalf of the promo team.

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Ah yes, here we are in the 13th week of our “What We’re Listening To” posts this summer at WHRW. And we’ve got a few videos of new arrivals, upcoming adds and old friends we’d like to share with you this time.

First up, the Allah-Las have a new one heading into the new bin this week. Enjoy the stylish retro video for “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”. RIYL: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kurt Vile, The Byrds.

I really really like this sweetly gorgeous track from Ark Life. Imagine a drive in the cool mountain air as seen by a band on the road in “Proud Of Me Out There Mama”. RIYL: Wilco, This Frontier Needs Heroes, The Head And The Heart.

A couple weeks ago we shared an early track from the new Bear In Heaven album Time Is Over One Day Old. Now here’s the official video for “Time Between”. RIYL: Here We Go Magic, The War On Drugs, The Besnard Lakes.

Personally, I think this video for “Everlasting Light” by UK band Dry The River, bears a slight resemblance to a certain video from another obscure band. But it in no way diminishes a terrific song and video by a terrific band. RIYL: Alt-J, Local Natives, Stornaway.

Who else but Moe? Oh and..

Doc Sonic on behalf of the promo team



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The King Bee Show on 8·28·2014

In Search of the Forgotten Song on 8·28·2014


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Did a Review of artists set to perform at this years Utica Music and Arts Fest!

For more info visit:

Driftwood: The Sun’s Going Down*

The Sun’s Going Down: A great song for when the leaves start to fall, their style is reminiscent of Arcade Fire’s early days and The Lumineer’s, uh…days. They’ve got a feel- good presence, and you’ll find yourself drawn into that sweet banjo playing. It’ll make you think of fairy lights and mason jars …and who doesn’t love that?

Solaris: Chapman Jam

Chapman Jam: This is the kind of song Pandora would throw in after anything by Daft Punk. It’s one part chillwave, one part trance and one part some other genre that exists only in the mind of the Solaris Trio. All parts cool.

Twin Speaks: Let me Be your Passport

Let me Be Your Passport does what its title implies: it transports you. Think Burning Man, and dandelion flower headbands. This Psychedelic Rock band is another band to watch, just travel light.

The Moho Collective: Chrome Lady*

Chrome Lady- Relax, you’re in Hawaii. This song takes the appeal of Santo and Johnny’s 1959 hit “Sleepwalk” and runs with it.. slowly. on a beach. with a nice blue shawl billowing in the wind. They mix a few genres here and there ( jazz, blues, funk) but the end result is always great. And you might even recognize them, they played at Cyber Cafe West this past summer.

Tao of the Squirrel: Without You

Without You: This song reminds me of coffee shops. Real ones. With actual mugs and saucers that get dirty because your coffee has runneth over with the milk you added. These guys remind me of that kind of reverie. Add what we in the industry call a “bitchin” bandname and you’ve got a great new indie band to watch.

Bear Grass: Lazy Make ( From Stories in Books)*

This song put me in a very specific place: in a yellow vw driving down a long dirt road on a sunny day. Upbeat but not enough to be throwing glitter at people while wearing jorts. Think She & Him and Camera Obscura, only in a parallel universe where they are all in one band and they hang out, also with mason jars.

Swizzymack : Whistle While U Twerk ( the Swizzymack Remix)

Whistle While U Twerk ( the Swizzymack Remix) is kinda the greatest thing. This would be the version of the song your one friend that DJs parties as a hobby would know about. But now you know about it first. You’re welcome.

The Golden Novak Band: Let it Shine*

Let it Shine -This is the kind of band you want to listen to on the way to work, like listening to Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone. They’ve got the kind of blues/rock mix that’s just the right amount of upbeat while still being smooth enough to have you bobbin your head in appreciation of that awesome guitar solo.

2/3 Goat: Stream of Conscience

This song is a story, and it’s one with a message about Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining, this is fitting because of the band’s hometown, Danville, dealing with the issue and also because they are 2/3 goat. Just listen.

Antigone Rising: That was the Whiskey*

This song is about making bad decisions because of alcohol. #Relatable. It’s also a great country tune, and there is no doubt you will get it stuck in your head. Also these Ladies are one of the few all girl bands attending UTICAFEST, and they rock.

Welcome to all the new students at Binghamton University, and welcome back to all returning students!

Campus events this weekend!

Friday 8/29 – Shindig at the fountain @ 7pm

Saturday 8/30 – University Fest @ 11am-2pm

Also, a big thanks to Molly and Kayla! They will be at University Fest this Saturday with the Binghamton Slam Poetry Club-stop by and say hi!

Check out Binghamton Slam Poetry here—->

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01:00:00 04:25 Mr. Giant Man James Last Voodoo Party Polydor
01:05:50 35:09 Live at Wildfire Lounge, Ithaca MV & EE not on album no label

01:40:09 16:57 Gumbo Variations Frank Zappa Hot Rats Rykodisc

02:00:00 17:55 Miss Fortune Faust Faust Polydor
02:17:56 07:02 Nommo Craig Leon Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting RVNG

02:25:01 12:48 A Saucerful Of Secrets Pink Floyd Ummagumma Capitol
02:39:00 11:20 New Jersey Turnpike Laurie Anderson United States Live WB
02:51:00 09:00 Bottoms Up Peter Green The End of the Game Reprise

03:01:00 10:05 Slightly Fast Reid/Sharp/Torn Guitar Oblique Knitting Factory
03:12:00 26:37 Inamorata & Narration by Conrad Roberts Miles Davis Live/Evil Columbia

03:39:15 21:00 You Never Blow Your Trip Forever Gong Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong! Tapioca

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